Business Agility Transformation Guidance

Businesses that lack adaptability may be left behind the competition when faced with changing markets and environments.

Adaptive organizations see tangible, measurable, concrete improvements including better time to market, a more engaged workforce, higher customer satisfaction, and higher quality to name a few.

For over 30 years we've been enabling organizations to be more adaptive, responsive, and resilient. Transformation is what you will see when you look back at the change that you have accomplished. Our approach to helping organizations achieve Business Agility can start with as little as one group, one division, or we can help you transform your whole enterprise.

Agility Health Check

Knowing how well your move to agility is progressing is an important part of change management.

Periodically gauging how your organization is progressing helps make sure your organization is on the right path, helps measure progress towards organizational goals, and highlights areas that might need more attention.

Our unique approach is used to help gauge progression along your path to agility as well as highlighting areas that could use some attention.

Lean Quality Management System

The need for governance within a Lean-Agile environment is needed more than ever for today’s modern work environment.

Easily adapt to changes in your environment, develop your products, solve problems faster, and benefit from the promises of agile while increasing compliance, exposing risk, reducing waste, and speeding up ramp-up time for new hires to learn your governance and processes.

Our ALM tool-agnostic process engineering approach (Applied SAFe) enables seamless mapping to regulatory requirements and other processes for organizational learning; compliance can be established and controlled, all while implementing scalable business agility, thus maintaining regulatory compliance.

Examples of implementations include CMMI, Automotive SPICE 3.0, ISO 26262, IEC 62304 & AAMI TIR 45, IEC 61508, CTR-180 (FDA), Company Standards, Industry Standards, Maturity models, etc.