We are a Business Agility consultancy, focusing on engineering clients navigating along their Lean-Agile journey.

Our clients often have complex highly governed product development processes that require experience in Lean, QMS, Governance, and Standards.

We have significant expertise marrying the benefits of agility with the complexities of system engineering, governance, and complex product development processes.

We help our clients attain better market performance, improve the flow of value, increase customer & employee satisfaction, and improve the product development capability within their organizations.

Customer Examples


MightyBuildings (3D Printed Construction), Feelmore Labs (Neural Stimulation Wearables), Torc Robotics (Autonomous Trucking)


ICU Medical (Medical Device), Prudential Financial Inc. (Financial), Caterpillar Inc. (Construction & Mining), ExxonMobil (Energy), General Motors (Automotive), Beck Disaster Recovery (Federal Disaster Recovery Management), AM General (Commercial & Military Automotive), TomTom / Tele Atlas (Geospatial Mapping)

Federal / National Defense

United States Postal Service (Logistics), Sandia National Laboratories (National Defense, Energy & Research)